About Us

Since 2012, Daizy Dooz has been providing pet waste removal services you can count on year-round. We service over 400 properties a week and would be thrilled to add your home to our schedule.

Our goal is to provide reliable, affordable, and effective service. Our job may not be glamorous, but we pride ourselves on the difference we make in the lives of our clients and their pets. Save time, eliminate stress, and let someone else handle the dirty work: with Daizy Dooz, it’s that simple. Pooping on the lawn is your dog’s business, picking it up is ours!

Holidays and Inclement Weather

No matter which service suits your needs best, we’re here for you. If your pickup day falls on a day with inclement weather or a national holiday, we have a plan in place to ensure you still receive timely service:

Should your service day fall on a holiday or severe weather day, we will do our best to service you during the week. Should we not be able to service you, we will service you on your scheduled day the next week. Since there will be a two week accumulation of pet waste, you will be charged the every other week price when we service you the following week. For example, if your weekly rate is $12, your every other week rate is $18. Your normal weekly price will resume the week after.