Cat Litter Box Exchange

Never Clean A Litter Box Again!

Daizy Dooz offers a very unique way of managing Cat Waste Removal with a litter box exchange service. By having the ability to clean litter boxes off-site we offer a service that allows you to never clean out your cat’s litter box again. All you have to do is put your cat’s litter box on the front porch and we do the rest.

How It Works:

Cat Litter Box Exchange

Daizy Dooz’s Cat Litter Box Exchange service provides customers with clean and sanitary litter boxes for their homes and cats! It’s best if our customers leave the Dirty Cat Litter Box outside on their service day, but we can come into your home if necessary. We keep all of our customer’s litter boxes identified, separated, and sealed for your cat’s protection.

All Cat Litter Box Exchange services include 3 Litter Boxes! You can choose to use the boxes provided for you or you can use the ones that you already have!

Service explained as followed:


Place your used litter box in an agreed upon area for Daizy Dooz pickup. A pickup location outside your home is preferred, but we can enter your home if need be.


Retrieve a cleaned litter box from storage for your cat to use.


Receive a cleaned, sanitized, and sealed litter box ready for next use. Place in storage until use during next pick-up.

Why Hire Daizy Dooz?

There are a number of reasons a professional litter box cleaning service might be a good option for you:

Service Options:

Regular Cat Litter Exchange

Premium Cat Litter Exchange


Tidy Cat clumping with odor control.

Absolutely! When using your own litter box you must provide three as explained in how our service works. When using cat litter boxes with lids it is important to use the same type and brand of box to keep it simple when performing your service off-site.

No, just place your box in the designated place you chose at the time of requesting your service on the day of your service.

On holidays you simply place your box out the day after and we will complete the exchange. We do provide our service on bad weather days however if in winter severe storms may keep us from servicing you. If so you will get a text message from our office instructing you to place the box out the next day.

Should you have any questions not listed here we are happy to answer them and solve any issue you may think of.