Residential Pet Waste Removal

Why choose Daizy Dooz?

At Daizy Dooz, we take care of picking up your pet’s waste so that you can permanently cross poop scooping off your to-do list. As the best pet waste removal company in town, we scoop your dog’s poop whenever you need it. We offer pet waste removal services with weekly, every other week, twice weekly, monthly, one-time, or “as needed” clean-up options. 

Daizy Dooz cares about you and your pet’s health. We understand the safety and environmental concerns associated with what we do. So we can assure you that all of our pet waste removal equipment and footwear is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of disease between homes. We use a pet-friendly disinfectant on all of our tools between stops at our clients’ homes. Safety and cleanliness are our priorities. 

Wondering if you can leave your dog to greet us while we clean your space? As pet lovers ourselves, we want your dog to love us as much as you do, so if your dog is friendly, they are more than welcome to keep a Daizy Dooz representative company while they service your home.

Our Schedule is meant to fit your pets needs, and your budget.

Unlike our competitors, there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees when you do business with us. That’s part of our commitment to quality, honest service. You can make changes to your service or cancel at any time. When your licensed, bonded, and insured Daizy Dooz representative arrives, they will canvas your entire yard, kennel, or patio area to locate and remove all of the unwanted pet waste off-site with no extra charge! Eliminate odor, save time, and enjoy your yard again with cost-effective pet waste removal through Daizy Dooz. Fill out our form to get on our schedule, and have your pet waste removed without ever picking up a phone! 

Interested in off-site dog waste removal, but don’t mind collecting the “dooz” yourself? We also offer a “Dooz Bucket” service: just fill up the provided receptacle, and we will pick it up once a week, empty the bucket, replace the liner, and haul away the pet waste for $5 per pickup.

Daizy Dooz is super awesome to work with. They do a great job and any issues are resolved very quickly. I’ve had them clean my yard for a couple years now and they are really a wonderful company. 10/10 would recommend.
-Ashley C.

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Pet waste, first of all, carries diseases that affect both your pets and humans. It is also the inconvenience of owning a pet. It has a foul order and is unpleasant to step in. Right? Your dog’s waste should be removed a minimum of once a week to maintain a healthy environment for your pets, family, and yard.

Give us the go-ahead with the number of dogs you have, frequency of service you like, and area where they do their business. Then we schedule you for a day (Monday through Friday) and approximate time (9 am to 5 pm) for your service and leave the rest to us. We scan your entire yard for pet waste, remove it, and dispose of it of site. We do not put the waste in your trash container and do not charge extra to take it away. Once we have completed your service we make sure your yard and gates are secure and leave you a service notice. Then the rest is up to you to enjoy a pet waste-free yard!

We provide our services all year long in which your service day may fall on a holiday. We do not provide our services on a holiday so you may enjoy your yard and it is a nice perk for our employees to have the day off as well. Your service day will inevitably be affected by bad weather. Simply if your service day falls victim to holidays or bad weather we will service you the following week and charge you the every other week price. However, should you absolutely have to have your yard cleaned up we will try to make accommodations for you.

As stated above we provide our services all year long in which in the winter snow is a factor in finding your dog’s waste. Let’s say we service you on Monday and it snows on the Saturday before we service you again. Obviously, your dog’s waste will be covered. We will go ahead and service your yard and remove any waste we find. When the snow begins to melt we will remove what did not find. Since it takes longer to remove the waste when the snow melts we do not charge extra as your price remains the same throughout the year.

You do not have to be home for your service. We do however ask that if your gate is locked you have it opened for us on the day of your service or you can provide a method for us to unlock and secure after we complete our service. (Our company and employees are licensed, bonded, and insured.) In regards to your dog(s) being aggressive, we request that you secure them the day of your service. We will provide you with a specific time frame so you will not have to have them secured all day. Please note that our employees will not provide your service if your dog(s) are aggressive and unsecured for their safety.

Yes, please. We absolutely guarantee our services, However in order to do that we request that your yard be maintained with the lawn being mowed, free of natural and unnatural debris, and accessible. We will remove all pet waste we see however an un-maintained yard will prevent us from guaranteeing your service.

Absolutely!. Before we complete your first service we specifically will ask is there any other area that your dog(s) do their business in. We remove it from landscape beds, cemented areas, patios, and rocked areas. Please note if your dog likes the big rocks it may be harder to remove and the price can be different.

When you request service, we simply require a debit or credit card to reserve and secure it. We charge for your service weekly and hence no need for invoicing. You certainly can suspend your service should you go on vacation or for any other matter. Please note that when you resume your service there may be an extra charge if your yard has not been picked up during your suspended service.

Should you have any questions not listed here we are happy to answer them and solve any issue you may think of.